Keller Lacrosse's mission is to promote the growth of lacrosse in the KISD area while maintaining a positive, community spirit for our players and families.

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  • Lacrosse Helmet  - All players are required to wear a Lacrosse Helmet at all times. (Other helmets such as Football, baseball or other helmets will not work for Lacrosse.) Note: most helmets carry a 3 year certification, it is not a warranty.
  • Lacrosse Stick - This required item and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and costs. Note: For Youth & New Players, we suggest you not purchase a Defensive "Long Pole" until your player is ready and coaches make the suggestion to do so as most younger and new players will use the standard lenght stick for defense.
  • Lacrosse Gloves - All players are required to wear Lacrosse Gloves at all times. Again, other sporting gloves (baseball, golf) will not work.
  • Shoulder Pads - All players are required to wear Lacrosse Shoulder Pads. Again, other sport pads (Football, hockey)will not work.
  • Arm Pads - All players are required to wear Lacrosse Arm Pads.  This protects the forearms and elbows between the gloves and shoulder pads upper arms.
  • Protective Cup - Required for all players.
  • Mouth Guard - Required at all levels for play. We reccomend having several back ups  in your bag as they tend to dissapear at game time and your player will not be allowed in the game without one.
  • Water Bottle - Water bottles are necessary at all levels and should be brought to every practice & game.  Hydration is important!
  • Lacrosse Balls - these are not required and will be provided for practices and games. However, your player will want some in his bag for play around, 'wall-ball' and pick up games. We suggest you have a couple as they tend to dissapear.
  • Lacrosse Bag - (a specific Lacrosse Bag is not required) However, a bag to keep your equipment organized and in one place is helpful. Many players have a duffel or backpack style bag.

    Each player will wear a practice pinny that they need to bring to ALL practices. All of this equipment is typically available at your nearest Dick's Sporitng Goods.

    Thanks you for joining KLA. Please contact your Youth Director or coach with any questions.